Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it!

William Ward

Helping people improve their health, their lives and experience a new sense of happiness and well being….it’s what I get up for in the morning!

If any of my creations have delighted you, my services helped or tips enlightened or inspired you to take that first step forward…tell me about it!

Despite the fact that I thought I had a reasonably good lifestyle and I was conscious of a good healthy diet, I had, for a number of years,  been lethargic,  lacked energy and had a fragmented sleep pattern. Finally, I decided to seek professional help!

Michelle’s  consultation  was scientific, professional,  informed, competent,  systematic,  well organised, and  meticulous. She analysed my lifestyle and eating habits and developed a “roadmap” in consultation  with me for me to follow. She is a minefield of knowledge and she followed up on my progress with the “roadmap” regularly. It was unbelievable how small changes to my lifestyle and diet had such an profound effect on how I felt every day.



She listened attentively, made suggestions  and if I didn’t like  her suggestions she provided me with alternatives.  She was encouraging and is a wonderfully congenial, friendly lady  on top of it all.

Had a full food & body/exercise assessment from Michelle ….result was fab, definitely feeling the benefits of my change in diet, lifestyle and the addition of some supplements!


Three months ago I had a health and nutritional assessment carried out by Michelle. I found her enthusiasm, eagerness and genuine interest in figuring out what was causing my many physical symptoms a breath of fresh air. I found her approach to be open and friendly and her knowledge about nutrition to be second to none. I have since been following a diet and nutritional plan set out by Michelle and am thrilled to say my health has improved in many ways for the better. I very much appreciate her professionalism, our relationship and the quality of service I continue to receive.


Peachy Palate is one of the most immaculate and well tended blogs that I follow. Michelle post and comments regularly and her devotion ensures her blog is always up to date and full of exciting new material. Her bravely honest posts regarding eating disorders and her impressive knowledge of nutrition inspired me to seek her help out as a nutritional therapist. I was anxious to spend money for advice in an area which I considered myself well educated but it was worth every last penny. Michelle’s review of your diet and eating habits is both personalized and extensively detailed. Since I began to implement her advice my energy levels have improved dramatically and my day to day life has become enriched. Did I mention her food is divine? I highly recommend the buckwheat, banana and blueberry pancakes!


I follow your blog religiously, and appreciate it , & the recipes, so so much. I’ve typically been making at least 1 of your recipes a day lately!


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