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Having decided to leave my conventional steady job to go back and study nutritional therapy I want to continue to make use of my skills and enthusiasm for social media marketing.

You can find out a little bit about my experience below but I want to get straight to the point!
I’m not going to profess to be an expert, I think anyone that does simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about. A specialist maybe, but to be an expert to me suggests I know it all. The social media landscape is changing constantly, there are new developments every day so to be an expert is quite frankly impossible.

I’m offering flexible social media services, basically my time and my mind for however long you need it when you need it!

Whether you want an hour to pick my brains, an audit of your current social presence and ideas on where you could improve or assistance in developing a social presence as an individual, a blogger or a small business, I will work with you based on a negotiable hourly rate.

Below is a great video! For those of you unsure about the value, importance or relevance of social media it’s a must watch.

Although based in Wicklow, Ireland, I’m happy to do work and consult with people and companies elsewhere.
Find out a little bit about my experience below and email me at if you have any questions or want to make a general enquiry.

Having graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours Degree in Business I went on to work for Ireland’s only SAP Business One Partner as their marketing coordinator. A large focus of this was around social media, setting the foundations for a solid platform which could be built upon as more and more SMEs get involved in the social media space.

In 2011 I won the SAP Social Media Partner Competition, obtaining a social media package for the company worth 10,000.

Here’s a little interview below that the SAP Social Media team completed with me whilst in attendance at our Seminar in Croke Park; we had 170+ customers attend on the day, an event which myself and one other colleague organised over the course of a couple of months, a fantastic success!

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