Baked Almond Butter Pumpkin Donuts with Maple Glaze

Vegan Pumpkin Donuts (2)

Vegan friendly gluten free donuts… so they’re not fried and are more cake like in consistency but they are hella delicious! Light, moist, a little doughy and sticky around the edges even before the glaze goes on! These were a random experiment that turned out well…hence I had only made a small trial batch of […]

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Paleo Chicken Harvest Salad


A seasonal salad that rivals my all time favourite Caesar…loaded with all the good stuff in life. Chicken, crispy skin and all, bacon, avocado, candied roast pecans, obligatory and much loved greens, roasted squash because it is that time of year after all…adorned with a creamy cinnamon and apple infused mayo! Deeee…licious! I love Caesar salad…not […]

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Cold Pork Roast…Waldorf Revitalised!


Beautiful pork roast with an apricot, mustard and thyme paste…the perfect topping for a crisp Autumn Waldorf salad! I LOVE pork! Up until last week I’d only tried pork bacon, pork belly and of course pork tenderloin…ok so quite a lot of pork! But I’d never cooked a large piece of pork. Whenever I’ve made […]

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Passion for all things Pumpkin

I should really be referring to this weeks What I Ate Wednesday post as “Autumn Staples” as opposed to Summer ones! The kids are back in school, not that I have any of my own, I’ve quit my job and I have the first weekend of my course coming up in another weeks time. Of […]

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