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Pumpkin Protein Oats

Pumpkin protein oats…. my idea of comfort in a bowl on a chilly Autumnal morning! I should have been a weather forecast presenter, I’m seriously obsessed with checking the forecast. Maybe it’s just the fact I’m Irish, it’s in my blood! The temperatures have taken a SERIOUS plummet this past week and so cold food is slowly being phased out, though days on the road heading straight to work from the gym means chilly bowls of oats from a tub are inevitable at some point. I sit there with the heating in my car on full blast in order to distract myself from the fact!

I went with some Pulsin Rice Protein for a change to switch things up. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of it’s natural flavour, hows that for honesty! But when you mix it up with pumpkin, oat milk which is currently my dairy free milk of choice, and of course some maple syrup, I like it as an alternative to the pea protein. A change is as good as a rest!

Not only does the pumpkin add flavour and texture, it also means you’re starting your day with a vegetable and sure that has to be a good thing! You could of course use fresh pumpkin. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to cook fresh pumpkin and puree it just because it’s a massive pain in the ass but if you have leftover pumpkin, squash or even sweet potato knocking about of course blitz it up and put it good use!

Some caramalised pecans bring a touch of luxury and final flourish of creaminess with some Coyo or Nushfoods on top. Chocaholic Michelle also pretty much always has a square of dark chocolate or two to finish of any epic bowl of oats. Are you an eat your favourite part first kind of person or save your favourite bites till last? I definitely fall into the latter camp!!!

Pumpkin Protein Oats

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By Serves: 1 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 5 - 15 minutes


  • 60g jumbo rolled oats
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • Pinch of ginger, pinch of nutmeg
  • Pinch of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
  • 125ml unsweetened oat milk
  • 160ml water
  • 100g pumpkin puree
  • 10g Pulsin Brown Rice protein
  • 10ml maple syrup



Mix together oats through to pumpkin puree in a bowl. Microwave on high for 2.5 minutes or place into a pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes.


Stir in protein powder and maple syrup and cook for an additional 1 minute in the microwave or 3 - 5 minutes on the stove top.


Serve topped with an additional 2 tsp of maple syrup on top if desired, some maple roasted pecan nuts, crunchy almond butter, and a dollop of Coyo coconut vanilla or natural yogurt.


*Some tamari roasted coconut flakes, aka coconut bacon and a couple of squares of dark chocolate also make for an epic final flourish!

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