Double Chocolate Protein Oats


Sometimes you just need to start your day with a protein fix… and with Easter on the horizon I’m all about trying to create some chocolate deliciousness suitable for any time of the day.  I do love having my bowl of oats before bed and these are a delightful alternative to your standard bowl of […]

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A chocolate lover’s ultimate indulgence

[donotprint] A warm chocolate pudding like breakfast…complimented with a whole load of pears and a couple of dollops of the good stuff. Why on earth have I not made chocolate oats before? These were INCREDIBLE! I’ve been on a bit of a chocolate kick lately. I went through a phase of needing my fix of […]

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All things chilled and creamy

[donotprint] I’ve always had a sweet breakfast tooth, though I didn’t always satisfy it the way I do now! My latest overnight oats creation was not only creamy and fruit filled, it also featured heavily on chocolaty goodness. Chocolate Strawberry Blood Orange Overnight Oats Parfait! Chocolate and orange is an incredible combination any time, but […]

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