Spicy Creamy Crab Lettuce Cups


Bright beautiful creamy spicy crab lettuce cups with ripe juicy mango and crisp fresh vegetables! It was a busy long weekend…with an extra day of work and a few additional hours here and there…not much cooking has been getting done! When time doesn’t allow for cooking speedy yet tasty options are a must. I’m a […]

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Chocolate Fudgy Goodness

Sweet potato chocolate fudge cake (15)

The chocolate fudge cake you need in your life! Sugar free, gluten free & vegan! Rich and decadent, a brownie come cake topped with sugar free fudge frosting! I’ve had a stressful week for no other reason than taking on too much all at once. I have no problem saying no to others but when […]

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Mini baked oats

Come fall oats come back with a bang in to my breakfast rotation. I’ve been on a pancake kick pretty much all summer and although I have no intention of removing them from my weekly breakfast options, both warming whipped bowls of oats and baked oats will be appearing more often. Whether straight from the […]

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Blondies Vs. Brownies

Brownies would always win over blondies if I was given choice. Chocolate anything when it comes to desserts tends to win hands down. These blondies are however the exception! After the gloriousness of the crowd pleasing (grain free!) brownies I couldn’t wait to try a similar blondie version! I messed around with the recipe a […]

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A brownie to please the masses


I’ve gone from being a big cake lover, nothing could beat a good banana bread, followed by creating a whole heap of no bake “cheesecake” like desserts (which I’m still partially involving myself in… ) to my latest brownie, blondie and all things that come in square tray bake form obsession. The handiness of them […]

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