Protein Buckwheat Crepes & Food Intolerances


So I’ve made a few changes to my diet over the past number of weeks. I’m not 6 ish weeks post my second bikini competition and I’m all over the recipe testing, experimenting with new foods, flavours and just having a lot more flexibility in my diet. Food was getting a little bit monotonous and […]

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Banana Protein Muffin a Mug


A light and fluffy banana mug cake. A banana muffin made with oats, banana, rice protein powder and optional egg depending on your dietary preferences! A delicious healthy sweet treat!   I’ve made quite a few mug cakes in my time and usually I go for the gooey chocolate fudgy kind but this light fluffy […]

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Cashew Oat Protein Cookies


Dairy free and egg free these cookies are “buttery” melt in the mouth nuggets of deliciousness! Cookies and me have a love hate relationship. I’m a much bigger fan of “no bake” treats just because there is much less room for error! I’ve had my fair share of fails especially in the cookie department! What […]

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Spicy Creamy Crab Lettuce Cups


Bright beautiful creamy spicy crab lettuce cups with ripe juicy mango and crisp fresh vegetables! It was a busy long weekend…with an extra day of work and a few additional hours here and there…not much cooking has been getting done! When time doesn’t allow for cooking speedy yet tasty options are a must. I’m a […]

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Chocolate Fudgy Goodness

Sweet potato chocolate fudge cake (15)

The chocolate fudge cake you need in your life! Sugar free, gluten free & vegan! Rich and decadent, a brownie come cake topped with sugar free fudge frosting! I’ve had a stressful week for no other reason than taking on too much all at once. I have no problem saying no to others but when […]

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