Peachy’s Tropical Tuna Poke Bowl


Hands down my favourite savoury meal of the moment. So fresh and vibrant both in colour and in taste, I just love the beautiful rainbow of colours and intense flavours and textures. Raw veggies, fluffy rice, melt in the mouth tuna, buttery avocado, a little hit of sharpness from the sauerkraut, sweet juicy mango and […]

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Creamy Smashed Mayo-less Coyo Egg Salad


Thick creamy mayo-less egg salad, chopped then smashed for a taste and texture sensation! Officially the best egg salad I ever did make/taste/devour in one sitting… Super creamy with no veggies to distract from eggy deliciousness. Lots of chives and spring onion in the mix along with a mighty amount of my favourite one and […]

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Tuna Salad Mini Stuffed Peppers


Little mini bell peppers, lightly roasted and filled with a creamy dairy free tuna salad! Fresh, light and satisfying, these are perfect for a light lunch, snack or served up as an alternative side or appetiser! I never used to be a big fan of tuna, tuna steak being the exception. That was until I […]

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Perfect Pan Fried Salmon Salad Bowl


Tender succulent sweet juicy salmon complete with crispy skin served amongst a mixture of fresh and cooked veggies with a dollop of my favourite, Coyo, to bring it all together. My favourite simple meal, it’s all about the salmon. Obviously purchasing either a nice wild piece of fish or best of a bad situation, organic […]

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Crab & Crayfish Salad Boats


A simple speedy light yet satisfying crab and crayfish salad with a side of oven roasted carrot fries spiked with paprika and some buttery ripe avocado for good  fat fuelled measure.   Variety is the spice of life right? Every so often just like everyone else I get stuck in a rut. I go from […]

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