Mighty Mushroom Lemon Tahini Cauliflower Pizza


The perfect cauliflower crust topped with a mighty mingling of wild mushrooms, an oozy gooey crispy bottomed fried egg, a thick zingy tahini sauce and roasted toasted hazelnuts! DIVINE! A crowd pleasing success…this pizza is grain free, easily made nut free, dairy free, vegetarian friendly and if you decide to forgo the egg also suitable […]

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Brussel Sprout Fritters


Quick and easy Brussel sprout fritters…fried in coconut oil, cooked through in the oven and topped simply with some homemade foolproof mayo. A grab and go breakfast, beautiful base for brunch time poached eggs or a wonderful savoury nibble in the midst of the afternoon.   Brussels are back! Some of your from different shores […]

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Walnut Crusted Paleo Chicken Pesto Quiche!


A thick hearty satisfying wholesome almost meaty crust made from ground walnuts forms the shell of a might quiche loaded with pesto chicken and slow roasted tomatoes! When it comes to quiche you either go wholesome nourishing crust or just don’t bother at all and make a frittata. A pastry quiche just doesn’t do it […]

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Sweet Savoury Salty Fresh Kale Egg Salad


Candied walnuts, a zingy lemon creamy cashew dressing, raw shredded kale, eggy wedges, buttery chunks of avocado with a hit of saltiness from the generous inclusion of capers. I’m on an egg kick..especially when they’re served up with avocado, greens and nuts. Pretty much this salad, sometimes with a little less effort, but it has […]

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Falafel Paleo Style


Veggie loaded seed packed falafel…not a bean in sight. Super tasty, crispy on the outside, soft in the middle with a bit of crunch from the nuts and seeds throughout! Let’s set the story straight…I’ve had quite a few comments from people wondering have I/berating the fact that I’ve transitioned to a paleo diet. I […]

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