Mocha Overnight Oats

So me and coffee are back in business! I’m not sure to what extent yet. All I know is freshly ground coffee is good, instant coffee not so good! The ups and downs of IBS and FODMAPS continues but I’m just delighted to be able to partake in the occasional coffee. I actually made these oats what seems like forever ago… actually possibly over three months ago before I decided to give coffee a rest.

Let’s be clear, I’m still very much on my Matcha buzz and this will forever continue…or it will as long as I can continue to afford it! However, I do actually love the taste of coffee. An Americano, not too strong, with a long dash of cold almond milk. I like to let it sit a bit too, much like anything hot I prefer it more on the tepid side. When it comes to oats I’m all about those cold overnight creations. I have been known to forget to make overnight oats, cook up a fresh bowl in the microwave and stick them into the freezer to chill while I get myself ready for the day before digging in! If you like your overnight oats SUPER thick and stodgy you will like this instant method!

I like to switch it up as you know if your an Instagram follower in terms of flavour combinations. My go to is always a mighty dash or three of cinnamon, oats made on water and some vanilla rice milk stirred through at the end.

These overnight protein Mocha oats combine a few of my favourite things… oats, chocolate and coffee! Super simple, satisfying and because the flavour itself is so darn awesome they require little else on top. Of course if you wanted a dollop of chocolate hazelnut butter on top or just straight up drippy hazelnut butter, both come highly recommended.

I of course made use of the Pulsin Chocolate Pea Protein which isn’t too chocolaty. Lightly sweetened with stevia, it helps thicken up the final creation due to it’s natural strong absorbency! Hope you like them as much as I did!

Mocha Protein Overnight Oats

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By Serves: 1 Prep Time: 10 minutes + Overnight


  • 125ml strong coffee of choice
  • 60g oats of choice
  • 10g Pulsin Chocolate Pea Protein
  • 125ml unsweetened rice milk or milk of choice
  • 60g vanilla almond or cashew yogurt
  • 5g chia seeds
  • ½ tsp lucuma powder (optional)



Mix together all ingredients in a bowl. Place into the fridge overnight to thicken up. Serve with more cold milk of choice, topped off with coffee beans or some grated dark chocolate.

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