Sesame Salmon Balls from Paleo Home Cooking

September 30, 2015

Super simple, hella tasty, sesame coated salmon balls. The perfect appetiser, party time nibble, or savoury snack/salad topper to have on hand during the week! So truly the most inspirational foodie that I follow has just released a cookbook!!! To say it felt like Christmas came early when a copy of it arrived on my […]

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Nut Free Cookie Dough Balls

September 28, 2015

Nut free cookie dough balls…no baking, no sugar, 100% lunch box friendly and the perfect nibble satisfying nibble for kids and adults alike!   Sunflower seed butter and me have a love hate relationship…I’m not a fan of any of the sunflower seed butters I’ve bought in Ireland, they just don’t cut the mustard. Too […]

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Brussel Sprout Fritters

September 25, 2015

Quick and easy Brussel sprout fritters…fried in coconut oil, cooked through in the oven and topped simply with some homemade foolproof mayo. A grab and go breakfast, beautiful base for brunch time poached eggs or a wonderful savoury nibble in the midst of the afternoon.   Brussels are back! Some of your from different shores […]

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Berry Blast Chocolate Lava Smoothie

September 22, 2015

Called a smoothie, more like a milkshake, as indulgent as the latter, but more on a par health wise with the former; obviously depending on how you do you usually construct your morning or snack time tipple! Why make an unhealthy shake when it’s so incredibly easy to make it with whole foods, body loving, […]

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Tuna Kale Caesar Salad

September 19, 2015

A thick creamy rich mayo free dressing, a mountain of shredded kale for it to dress, served with beautiful Irish caught tuna and semi soft boiled eggs. Deeeee…licious! I love a good salad…and by good salad I mean one far removed from your bog standard lettuce, tomato and onion, dressing on the side malarkey, the […]

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