Peachy’s Tropical Tuna Poke Bowl


Hands down my favourite savoury meal of the moment. So fresh and vibrant both in colour and in taste, I just love the beautiful rainbow of colours and intense flavours and textures. Raw veggies, fluffy rice, melt in the mouth tuna, buttery avocado, a little hit of sharpness from the sauerkraut, sweet juicy mango and […]

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Paleo Breakfast Smoked Salmon Salad


Ripe buttery avocado, hot smoked salmon, sweet intense slow roast tomatoes bursting with flavour, zingy grapefruit, a perfectly pillowy poached egg oozing with an instant dressing all served up on a bed of greens. I could eat this every day…I do eat the components of it most days of the week sometimes switching out the […]

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Creamy Chicken Avocado Zoodles


Easy peasy creamy avocado sauce! The perfect way to spruce up some zucchini noodles and utilise whatever leftover or freshly cooked protein you have on hand. Don’t have chicken? Try a couple of poached eggs!!!  Three days last week I ate this for dinner…for many reasons. I had a load of leftover roast chicken to […]

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N’Peanut Butter n’ Jelly Chia Pudding


A classic combination made nut free, child friendly, a pudding that’s suitable for breakfast, makes for a delicious snack, or alternative “in need of a sweet treat” meal any time of the day! Currently…sitting here trying not to fall asleep having consumed a mighty fried plantain with dinner a.k.a more carbs than I have in […]

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Sweet Potato Lamb Nachos….


Crispy crunchy home baked sweet potato chips topped with a lightly harissa spiced lamb mince concoction, adorned with pomegranate jewels, chunks of avocado, kalamata olives and a drizzle of cashew cream. Nacho perfection! The nachos or the lamb…both combined?! I’m not sure which I should sing the praises of more highly. The crispy sweet potato […]

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