Single Serve Instant Oatmeal Protein Cookie


Baked in less than 2 minutes in the microwave, this is the whole food, naturally sweetened, warm gooey lightly chewy oatmeal protein cookie that you need in your life… Who doesn’t love a good soft warm gooey slightly chewy cookie?! I never really got the obsession with a crisper biscuit though we will make biscotti […]

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Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Cups


Chewy baked oatmeal cookie cups filled with a sweet coconut caramel sealed with a chocolate top! Before I give you my ultimate single serve microwave protein cookie recipe that you may have seen over on Instagram, I give you to my caramel oatmeal cookie cups. A perfectly balanced shareable batch of 12…or one for every […]

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Pumpkin Protein N’Oatmeal


A creamy warming bowl of deliciousness…high in fibre with a double protein boost it’s the perfect way to set yourself up for the day and you can count on it for keeping you satisfied right the way up until lunch. I was always more of a toast and pancake person. Oats when they were part […]

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Granola Bark

Coconut Granola Bark (27)

Back on the cereal for breakfast? Here’s a healthier, tastier, homemade alternative that doubles up as chewy lightly crunchy snack! Did you catch my post on real foods yesterday? Checking out those labels makes all the difference. Cereals and cereal bars can be massive offenders when it comes to unnecessarily added ingredients, whole or artificial! […]

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Baked Cranberry Apple Pecan Oats

Cranberry Apple Pecan Baked Oats (31)

Breakfast sorted for three or four days running or a festive prepared Christmas morning healthy treat to serve up to friends or family! Of late I’ve been all about prepared breakfasts. A couple of different options a week that will see me over the course of 7 days (more often than not 6 with a […]

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