Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes


Thick and truly cake like green monster protein pancakes!!!   These pancakes are positively mighty. Packed full of goodness, they pack a rounded nutritional punch. Plenty of protein, a nice amount of carbs with a small amount of fat. When I have a little more time on my hands I like my post workout meal […]

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Sweet Potato Protein Mousse


I was after a pudding but what I created was so much more delightfully incredible; I totally blew my own socks off with this one! A thick rich indulgent chocolate mousse, seriously satisfying, yet somehow light and airy all at the same time. I’ve been looking for alternative ways to carb it up. With most […]

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Berry Blast Chocolate Lava Smoothie


Called a smoothie, more like a milkshake, as indulgent as the latter, but more on a par health wise with the former; obviously depending on how you do you usually construct your morning or snack time tipple! Why make an unhealthy shake when it’s so incredibly easy to make it with whole foods, body loving, […]

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Paleo Protein Coconut N’Oatmeal


Creamy, sweet, with just enough of a texture to satisfy, the protein loaded grain free alternative to your standard bowl of morning oatmeal. With my new tub of paleo protein in hand, Exotic flavour this time, (this is not an affiliate link) , I felt the need to try and find another alternative use for […]

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Banana Paleo Protein Pancakes


Light fluffy banana paleo protein pancakes with an extra boost of fibre. The perfect muscle recovery breakfast, easy to digest with tummy loving goodness. A few weeks I jumped on the two ingredient pancake bandwagon, simply eggs and banana. The perfect naturally sweet higher carb, balanced protein breakfast when I wasn’t in the mood for […]

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