Chocolate Pecan Caramel Easter Nest Cookies


Crispy round the edges, fudgy in the middle, a pop of sticky caramel, crisp chocolate and crunchy toasted pecan…all of my favourites in one cookie bite! Ok so it’s a thumbprint macaroon and I’m calling it a nest because it just seems appropriate this time of year! And they kind of look like nests?!? No […]

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Mighty Jumbo Chocolate Protein Pancake


Jumbo thick fluffy lightly fudgy chocolate protein pancake…the perfect way to start your pancake day! Pancake Tuesday is almost upon us!!! I have alternative pancake recipes to share with you…it was a tough decision deciding which one to share first. The jumbo chocolate pancake one out over the triple coconut stack on this occasion merely […]

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Fudgy Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes


A fudgy chocolate cupcake made that bit more indulgent with a lathering of chocolate cashew icing…these are secretly sugar free but I promise no one will know the difference! Cupcakes are a birthday party staple right?! They certainly were when we were younger. My mum baked fairy cakes quite often but they were made that […]

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Gooey Chocolate Protein Mug Cake


A super gooey mousse like light chocolate fudgy protein mug cake…now that is a mouth full!   I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve eaten this mug cake…it was on repeat for quite some time, initially to perfect it, then I had no excuse and was simply head over heels in love with […]

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Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk & Dunked Cookie Bark


Chewy chocolate chunk and dunked crispy round the edges hazelnut cookie bark!!! A recipe experiment that went wrong…turned in to the most incredible cookie bark ever! Super crunchy and chewy, it might have initially looked a little ugly but it was nothing a little chocolate dunking couldn’t remedy! I originally intended these to be more […]

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